Hi. I’m Zeeshan Shah, a regular guy. I love the little things in life and never take myself too seriously. Being with friends and family are two of my favorite things. Today, I consider myself the luckiest person on this planet.

But that wasn’t the case always.

After graduating in Computer Sciences in 2004, I start my very first business and made a Consulting Company which was giving advice to new students about their career and that company really was booming. I bought my first dream car after just starting out that but that was only for a few years until the recession of 2007 – 2008.

My business started going into a downwards trend and when I felt that, I sell that company for profit. After selling this up I felt like i am jobless and that was true So I went to Malaysia and the Capital I had with me i invested there and form another company that was totally gone failed the main factor was the Chinese competition that I wasn’t able to compete.

So now i was in debt. I lost all my capital and in 2009 there was time I have to sell my dream car with other things to be able to pay back the debts. Also, I got letters from all of the major credit card companies and I lost everything all my business, reputation, capital, and confidence. Now, this is the time I was living in my parents’ house and I start to do sports more gym and reading books to gain my inner self.

One day I bought a full course on internet marketing which was my first training ever in internet marketing what I got from that training was all about creating your own website and indexing in google, in simple words, it was all about how to make money getting traffic on your website using AdSense. That was the half of that course and then another half of the course on how to make money using banner ads on your own website.

I was an action taker so I took action immediately I start making almost $200 on average a day from my little niche website on the weight loss category using an affiliate program called market health and adding banners of that program there. That site does not exist now but you can check a youtube video of 2011 when it was working so good you can check it here.




After getting results now i wanted to learn more. In the meantime, I developed 3 more niche sites which all were not profitable but giving me a very good amount of money and after about 6 months AdSense changed their policy for using smart advertising it and all of my sites earning was drop down from $600/day to $80/day on average. This was the huge blowback on me and I was kind of feeling the same as I felt after failing my software company so I went to Flippa.com and sold it there as all 4 have the revenue generation history it sold at a good price.

After selling my sites I felt that I should have to grow them more and make more money out of it but it was already sold out.

Now Fiverr launched and I start selling on Fiverr and Odesk ( Now it’s Upwork ) as a seller. That was so profitable for me because I knew how to deal with the clients. At that time in 2010 you could only sell on Fiverr for 5 dollars also there were upsells… I made 2 more accounts to make my profit more and guess what Fiverr end up banning all of my accounts because it was a violation of the TOS of Fiverr.




But On Upwork ( Odesk of that time) I was really working so much and I figured how to send winning proposals and get the job I had 2 accounts there and they banned me too.





I felt so frustrated that in one day I lost all my business. I lost everything clients, money, my work reviews. I opened a new account and start doing it but still, I was not feeling connected with this especially when you lost everything.


In that frustration, I went to make money on online sites which most of which were Ponzi. I end up joining a Network Marketing Company called” Banners Broker” I invested there 5k to get it double but I start making so much money but promoting this and the people who opted in at that time was also doubling their amounts.

Also, I was promoting it so much and making good money on that and promoting it you can check it here in this video


But after some time this company stop paying anyone and shut off which actually gave me a shock because I kept reinvesting into it but I already withdraw my investment so I made so much money but not actually withdraw it which was a big failure for me.


Now I had no business or job to do and also I was super demotivated by bad fraud companies. In the meantime, I come to the US in 2012. I had 300$ in the pocket and no means to do my living. So I start hunting the jobs in job marketer as a developer but my degree was not acceptable to most of the companies and I end up doing odd jobs for paying my bills. I felt really bad at that time after doing all of my studies and experience in businesses what am I doing? All this struggle actually put me away from my passion which was online marketing.


Then I realized that I have to do something online again as my experience was never bad and also that can make me something extra while doing odd jobs in the day time so there was the time Udemy just started out and I thought I can teach there what I know about internet marketing and traffic so I made a full Training there with my all past experience and this was generating me really good money. At that time my profile was really funny but I want to share it with you ...here







Now I start making more training on Udemy & Skillshare both were paying me well and one day came that Udemy give me the award in 2012 as their one of the top instructor but after a year things start changing they start changing their policies and from 80% they drop to 50% and also they can sell your training as little as 9.99$ which actually was so low for my training so I stop creating more training for Udemy and Skillshare and left that platforms in 2013. skillshare profile



A Year passed like that in the meantime I was keep educating myself to be updated and was doing affiliate marketing using Clickbank, I started WSO as little courses and start making money which was good but was too much work for a less amount. I can say that I was making money but not much.


In the meantime, I was looking for more affiliate networks and I found out about Jvzoo and Warrior Plus not only that I found some good Cpa/Cpi networks like Maxbounty, Peerfly, etc…


2013 finally I start making good commissions from affiliate programs and CPA networks and now I wanted to scale up so I set up my own CPA/CPI network (which is not exist anymore) & this was so early for me to do that step which I realize now. It was a great struggle to setup everything correctly and take care of the network, employees, and affiliates.


I & my team was working so much on that company was making profits but I felt not good because most of our affiliate start sending bad fraud traffic and the publisher start giving complain about fraudulent leads. At that time was not good for me and my team although we were making so much good money we cant go with this kind of ethical problem.

So we stop paying bad affiliates and refund the money to our publishers. our network name was… Zulution Media does not exist anymore because we stop the operations in 2017 because of all this and report the bad affiliates.




In 2014 I start another company which was a digital marketing agency the agenda that I was really generating sales for other ppl products so now I wanted to use my skills for local businesses. it took a whole of 1 year to set up everything but then it starts growing good till this date it’s one of my businesses which pretty much handled by my team.


What I figure out after doing all of my experience Affiliate marketing is very easy if you compare any other business online. The main reason for this that you can start making money right away without maintaining any inventory, support, or employee just need to be good at marketing online.


What Can You Learn from My Experience?

I have done almost everything from freelancing, E-commerce, drop-shipping, Cpa Marketing to Seo, Development Work, what I found the most profitable and consistent way to make a consistent living is by



That will not only give you a really decent earning but you work once and get the income for a lifetime if you do it correctly and keep evolving your business with the time and trends.


In my experience, I have done all of the experience for me and my clients and now I know what will work whatnot. That’s what I am teaching thousands of my students how to get their way to success in very little time.


“When bad things happen, learn from them and vow to not repeat the behaviors that allowed them to happen,” said a great writer and I did all those mistakes I wish I will have someone at that time to teach me the right way.


Cheers 🙂



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